Jun 21, 2011
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With Comic-Con quickly approaching The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed has compiled an early look at what, in some cases, is confirmed and other cases rumored to be heading to Comic-Con International. Set for July 21-24 with preview night July 20 at the Convention Center in San Diego, some studios, like Warner Bros. Television and 20th Television, as well as networks including Starz and HBO, have already released their early panel lineups. With the help of THR sources as well as assists from EW, IGN, seat42f.com and TVLine, here’s an early look at the TV side of Comic-Con 2011.

“Bones/The Finder” Panel: Friday, July 22, 2011
Panel discussion with Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel as well as the stars of its spinoff, The Finder.


Jun 7, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect (in terms of episodes) for the upcoming season! Take a look below:

Question: What are the chances of Tina Majorino returning to Bones next season? She was the best part of final sniper episode! —Hillary
I think the chances are very good. Awesome, in fact. “We love Tina,” gushes executive producer Stephen Nathan, “and would love to have her back next year.”

Question: With Bones going on a three-month mid-season break to accommodate Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave, how many original episodes does that leave us with in Season 7? —Rex
If I were a betting man — not an addict, just a fan of the casual bet every now and then — I’d say more than 13 but less than 18. And just so we’re clear I do not have a gambling problem.

May 24, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some news in regards to a possible “late start” for the hit Fox series, Bones. Find out if there is any truth to the rumors:

Question: I read that Fox will launch The Finder in Bones‘ Thursday slot this fall and then Bones will return in the spring, significantly shortening its season. Is this true? —Nancy
Nope, sure isn’t. Bones will launch in the fall, pass the baton to spinoff The Finder in January, and then return to the schedule in the spring. I hear producers may keep the spirit of Bones alive during its three-month, Emily Deschanel baby-fueled midseason hiatus by integrating some of the show’s supporting players into The Finder.

May 23, 2011
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Screen captures from the season finale episode of “Bones” titled, The Change in the Game have been into the gallery. Thank you to Tanja for capping this episode. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Television Shows > Bones > Season 6 > 6.23 – The Change in the Game

May 21, 2011
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Screen captures from last week’s incredibly emotional episode of “Bones” titled, The Hoel in the Heart have been into the gallery. Thank you to Tanja for capping this episode. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Television Shows > Bones > Season 6 > 6.22 – The Hole in the Heart

May 19, 2011
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Ever since Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy was announced in March, Bones fans have been wondering how her fall due date will affect the show. Now that the Fox drama has finally received a season 7 pickup, that’s something producers are in the process of deciding — both in terms of story and production schedule.

“I imagine that you’re gonna see Brennan behind a microscope a lot next season. I think there’s gonna be a lot of close-ups of Brennan. I said I’d work though my hiatus, but we didn’t have a pick up until now, and they have to write before we shoot. It’s a whole situation,” Deschanel tells EW, with a laugh. “They have to see how long it takes them to write episodes. I think we’ll have our normal schedule starting in July or something, but I don’t know. We just had an email about that [yesterday]. Like, ‘We don’t know… but these are possibilities.”

The bigger question for viewers, of course, is whether Brennan will become pregnant as well.

“I don’t know. I feel like that would change things so much,” she says. “I am not gonna say no — never say never, I guess — but I think it’s unlikely. But only time will tell … How to address [my pregnancy] is a hard thing. I threw them a curveball personally, but you know, that’s life.” Indeed, show creator Hart Hanson has said that while sitting at Deschanel’s September 2010 wedding reception, he thought to himself, “Oh boy, I know what comes next.” “Not always in that order,” Deschanel jokes, “but yes, we didn’t waste much time.”

Having filmed the May 19 season finale in a bowling alley (Booth and Brennan go undercover in a league to solve a murder), we had to ask if the heightened sense of smell that comes along with pregnancy has been an issue on set.

“I do have a line about all the different smells that you can detect in a bowling alley. You could do a whole forensic study with the carpet itself. It’s kind of always an issue, but I haven’t vomited yet, so that’s a plus. I consider that a success.” She had a bad sense of smell to begin with, she adds, so now it’s probably only normal. “It’s probably worse coming to work when they’re painting. That was bad. First trimester, I came to work and I was like, ‘You guys need to clear this out!’, and no one understood why I was freaking out so much.”


May 15, 2011
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Bones creator Hart Hanson has explained his decision to kill off a recurring character. Vincent Nigel Murray (Ryan Cartwright) died in last night’s episode after being shot by deranged sniper Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo).

Hanson told TV Line that Cartwright’s role in new Syfy pilot Alphas was the primary cause of Murray’s demise.

“The truth is he got a job,” explained the showrunner. “We knew [his exit] would happen before the end of this season, so the story has been in the works for a while. [Vincent is] a well-beloved character,” he admitted. “So we decided to kill him for the heartbreak.”

Bones star David Boreanaz (Booth) previously claimed that Vincent’s killer Broadsky could return in the show’s seventh season, adding that the villain’s reappearance could “bring up a lot of Booth’s past”.

The Bones season finale airs on May 19 at 9/8c on Fox. (Source)

May 11, 2011
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Screen captures from last night’s episode of “Bones” titled, The Signs in the Silence have been into the gallery. Thank you to Tanja for capping this episode. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Television Shows > Bones > Season 6 > 6.21- The Signs in the Silence

May 10, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect regarding the upcoming *gulp* death! Take a look below:

Question: Can you tell us if the person dying on Bones this week is a regular or recurring character? —Alyssa
It’s a full-time series regular who has been with the show since the very first episode and whose name rhymes with “Moans.” Just kidding. It’s a recurring character (but a popular one).

May 5, 2011
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Might a Bones death, tragic as it may be, give birth to a new — and intimate — closeness between Brennan and Booth? As revealed in Fox’s press release for sweeps, the May 12 episode of Bones finds serial sniper Jacob Broadsky hitting an innocent victim with a bullet intended for Booth. And as teased in the promo below, “one of their own won’t survive” that intense hour.

The same video clip shows a crestfallen Brennan collapsing into Booth’s arms… then into bed. Could this be the “Change In the Game” cited in the May 19 season finale’s title? Watch the video below, then weigh in on A) who you think will be leaving us and B) if that bed scene is anything more than two pals commiserating. Oh, and C) Don’t miss tonight’s new Bones, airing at 9/8c. (Source)

May 4, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect the last couple episodes of the season … and more! Take a look below:

Question: Any scoops on Bones? —Adriana
I can now confirm that Booth and Brennan will be spending the night together during May sweeps. The twist? Yours truly will be joining them! I’ll be moderating “An Evening with Bones” next Monday at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. The event is sold out, but go ahead and email me any burning questions you have for the cast and creative team and I’ll do my best to get them answered during the Q&A portion. That email is askausiello@tvline.com. Use it, don’t abuse it.

Question: Will Brennan and Booth share a cab anytime soon on Bones? Hart Hanson tweeted a pic of the crew setting up the final scene and it has got me thinking that maybe we’ll get to see them finally leaving in a cab together in the final seconds of this season. I’m getting tired of seeing Brennan all by herself in the backseat of a cab while Booth stands on the sidewalk watching her going away. —Amanda
“No cabs,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Many bowling balls, but no cabs. Some screaming, a revolting body, and a Hodgela baby. But no cabs.” I think what he’s trying to say in a roundabout way is that there are no cabs in the finale.

May 3, 2011
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Booth and Brennan are coming back for more! After a series of 11th hour negotiations, Fox’s fan-favorite drama Bones has been renewed for a seventh season.

Though the network officially confirmed the news Tuesday, series star David Boreanaz jumped the gun and tweeted his excitement over the renewal. “Season 7 is GO for Bones,” the actor, 41, blogged Monday night.

“Bones is creatively fresh, it’s a rock-solid player every time it airs and this season it has helped us win on Thursday nights for the first time in our history,” Fox’s President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly tells Us Weekly in a statement. “Hart Hanson and the fantastic cast and crew, as well as the millions of loyal Bones fans, make this show really special, and I’m excited to have it on our air for another stellar season.”

While season 7 is a lock, how and if star Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy will impact the series remains to be seen.

“I’m ready to pitch a bunch of alternatives,” Hanson told reporters in April, one month after Deschanel, 34, and her writer-actor hubby David Hornsby, announced they were expecting.


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