Oct 11, 2011
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According to Ask Ausiello, the season opener of Bones is fun, but episode two is even better! (Is it November yet?!) Take a look below if you wish to know more!

Question: Any scoop on Bones?
Ausiello: I’m a little behind on my Bones screeners — in case you didn’t hear, I visited the Smurfs’ homeland last week — but TVLine’s Matt Mitovich just watched Episode 2 and filed this report exclusively to AA:

“As much fun as the season opener is, I have to say that Episode 2 is even better. For one, the case of the week is much stronger and more compelling (and much more icky-gooey). Plus, you’ve got the addition of Luke Kleintank as Finn Abernathy, a good ol’ boy squintern whose scientific brilliance — a seeming clash with his omnipresent baseball cap and shaggy hair — drops even Brennan’s jaw, and who proves to be a very fun foil for Hodgins. Then, add on top of that even more sweet moments between Bones and Booth? Simply said, this pregnancy twist is the best thing to happen to the show in recent years. What we’re looking at is perhaps Bones at its very best. Oh, and did I mention the part where Temp discovers that years ago she helped prevent a murder? Cool stuff.”

Oct 4, 2011
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The Bones premiere is still a ways away, but Ask Ausiello has posted a spoiler for those who cannot wait! If you do not want to be spoiled, I recommend not reading the text below.

Question: Please tell me Brennan doesn’t actually give birth in prison on Bones.
Ausiello: Brennan doesn’t actually give birth in prison on Bones. While an upcoming episode is set inside a jail, that is not where B&B will welcome their son/daughter into the world. A source tells me the setting of the delivery is “much better than that.”

Sep 28, 2011
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Many loyal Bones viewers, having been denied the lovemaking scene that resulted in Brennan’s season-ending pregnancy news, hold out hope that they will see the prospective parents at some point this season… you know, dance in the sheets. But while executive producer Stephen Nathan promises that you’ll witness “affection” between the partners in crime-solving when the new season arrives Thursday, Nov. 3, their interactions will stop well short of a rigorous romp.

“No, there are many websites that you can see [sex scenes]; you don’t need to see that on Fox,” Nathan tells TVLine with a laugh as he broaches the hot topic. “That’s health class in junior high.”

Instead, Nathan promises that Booth and Brennan, as they anticipate the birth of their child, will demonstrate to each other affection that is “so natural and organic.” But “they’re not all over each other.”

Explaining the duo’s closer dynamic and how it might differ from some viewers’ sexpectations, he says, “This is a couple six months down the line, so you’re seeing them in a way that allows them to still disagree with each other and not be so lovey-dovey that it’s like, ‘Eh, I don’t need to see that.’ They’re not the couple you go on a date with that you never want to see again because they’re making out at dinner. We don’t want to do that.”

Thanks in part to series leads Emily Deschanel (who in real life just gave birth to a boy) and David Boreanaz — “They’re so at ease with each other,” Nathan notes — the way B&B’s new intimacy comes across on-screen “is better than I ever thought it would be,” he raves, “and I thought it would be good.”


Sep 23, 2011
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We still have a while to wait, but Ask Ausiello have posted some Bones spoilers! If you do not want to be spoiled, I recommend not reading the text below.

Question: So, are we getting a Bones midseason finale à la the In Plain Sight Season 4 finale? You know, Mary, the very last scene, a long hiatus.
Ausiello: If you’re asking me whether Brennan will go into labor in this season’s sixth episode (the last one before the break), the answer is no. Although exec producer Stephen Nathan says the episode serves to both “introduce the new serial killer and feature another event with Booth and Brennan,” said event is not pregnancy-related. David Boreanaz confirmed as much to me Sunday at the Emmys when he divulged that the episode will reveal where Booth and Brennan will be living. “It’s very funny,” he said. “It’s not your normal place.”

Question: I heard Angela’s dad is returning to Bones this season. Got any scoop?
Ausiello: Billy Gibbons is back for an episode “to see his grandson,” confirms Nathan. “He comes in at a very difficult time for Hodgins and Angela: The baby doesn’t sleep, and they don’t want to keep the baby up any more than the baby already is up.”

Sep 15, 2011
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Bones‘ unorthodox approach to its seventh season just got even… unorthodoxier. You’ll recall that Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy already forced the show to scale back its number of episodes to 13, six this fall (beginning Nov. 3) and seven in the spring, with its spinoff, The Finder, bridging the gap in the winter. Well, now comes word that Fox has ordered four additional episodes, possibly to air over the summer or be carried to Season 8 (assuming there is a Season 8).

Executive producer Stephen Nathan acknowledges that “it’s a very odd situation we’re in,” adding that Fox “has scheduled us for 13 episodes, but they want as many episodes as we can produce.”

Whatever happens, the four bonus hours will likely air apart from the original 13. “We’re constructing the season so that the finale is Episode 13,” Nathan says. “And then there will ultimately be four more episodes that we can play with. [Fox] could run them on a different night, they could run them in the summer, or they could hold them for fall.”

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the four extras, they will be written as standalones. “Because the show is centrally episodic, and we know what’s happening with Booth and Brennan, we can do four great episodes that are almost like a mini-season,” Nathan explains. “So we can do a four-episode mini season after the 13-episode regular season.”

“It’s weird, and it’s a challenge,” he concludes. “But we’ll do it.”


Sep 7, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect in the upcoming season of Bones. Take a look below:

Question: Any hope of seeing either Booth’s mom and dad on Bones this season?
Ausiello: It looks like we may get a glimpse of Booth’s elusive pa in an early ’11 episode that finds David Boreanaz’ alter ego flashing back to his childhood — specifically, the time father and son attended the World Series together. The show is currently casting an 8-year-old version of Boreneaz for the circa ’80s sequence. Mom, send Junior to the audition in funny socks.

Sep 3, 2011
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We finally have a sneak peek of the season premiere of Bones! Unfortunately, the video isn’t the best quality, but definitely worth a look nonetheless! Bones makes its season seven premiere on November 3rd. Take a look below:

Aug 30, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect in the upcoming season of Bones. Take a look below:

Question: I’m really disappointed that we’re not going to get to see Booth and Bones tell everyone about the baby on Bones. I want to see everyone’s reaction to the news!
Ausiello: Use your imagination! Tamara Taylor did, and here’s what she came up with. “I think Cam was shocked at first,” she speculates. “But also pleased. It was kind of about time.” Taylor adds that the Brennan’s baby bump hasn’t impacted life at the Jeffersonian too much. “Temperance is rolling with it,” she notes. “She’s very technical about what she’s going through with the pregnancy and a little less sentimental. And Cam is mostly dealing with the newest interns. And her daughter’s coming back, so she’ll be in and out throughout the season.” Speaking of Bones, Emily Deschanel has a message for you!

Aug 16, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect in the upcoming season specifically regarding if fans cans expect to see two favourite (and beloved) guest stars. Take a look below:

Question: Will we see Booth’s Grandpa (Ralph Waite) on Bones this season?
Ausiello: You sure will. Gramps reappears in Episode 4 when Booth “is faced with a family crisis,” teases exec producer Stephen Nathan. And guess who else is set to return in that very same episode? Go ahead, have a guess. [Beat] Forget it, you’re taking too long. It’s Tina Majorino’s Special Agent Genevieve Shaw!

Question: Is Carla Gallo going to be back on Bones as Daisy Wick?
Ausiello: Yes, but the status of her relationship with Sweets will remain “ambiguous” in the early going, according to John Francis Daley. “They love each other very much,” he adds. “I have the feeling — I don’t know this for a fact — that their [relationship] will be unpredictable.”

Aug 15, 2011
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Glamorous ’80s primetime soap diva Morgan Fairchild, who seduced her way through Dallas, Falcon Crest and Flamingo Road, has landed a colorful guest spot on the new season of Fox’s Bones.

Morgan will appear in the third episode as a woman named Bianca, the intelligent, impeccably dressed CEO of Dillio Toys. In the episode, remains of a toy company employee are discovered, and Brennan and Booth must put together the puzzle pieces, which somehow involve Bianca.

The episode is filming now. (Source)

Aug 11, 2011
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Bones star John Francis Daley has revealed that his character Sweets will have an expanded role in the new season. The actor told TV Guide that Sweets will partner with Booth (David Boreanaz) following the revelation about Brennan (Emily Deschanel)’s pregnancy.

Daley explained: “He is more active in the investigations because Brennan is slightly less able to go on the scene and get herself into dangerous situations. So you’re going to see more of Booth and Sweets working together as FBI agents.”

However, Daley insisted that Sweets will still have time for girlfriend Daisy (Carla Gallo).

“Daisy is definitely a part of Sweets’s life,” he said.

Bones creator Hart Hanson has confirmed that the show will have a “shortened” seventh season as a result of Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy.

The program will return to Fox on November 3. New spinoff series The Finder will also premiere on Fox in early 2012. (Source)

Aug 9, 2011
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Ask Ausiello has posted some Bones spoilers regarding what fans can expect in the upcoming season and as well as the relationship changes between Angela and Brennan. Take a look below:

Question: Have any other spoilers about the new season of Bones? Please? I’m dying here! —Cassie
Ausiello: Mom-to-be Brennan and new-mom Angela finally have something to talk about besides unrequited romance, and Michaela Conlin couldn’t be happier. “There’s been a lot of scenes with the two of them talking about strollers and baby gear,” offers Angela’s portrayer. “I’m really glad that they’re getting a chance to talk about something other than Brennan and Booth getting together. Instead they’re talking about hormones, sleep patterns and names.” Conlin is also pleased that her onscreen son, Michael, is getting a nice chunk of screen time. “I like that we’re seeing the baby a bit,” she says. “I thought maybe he would just be in day care all season. It’s been fun for me to have a real, live child in my arms after so much talk about it.”

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