May 18, 2014
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The Ghost Killer may be dead on Bones, but she will continue to haunt Booth and Brennan during the Season 9 finale (Monday at 8/7c, Fox).

As Booth (David Boreanaz) prepares to be confirmed for his new role at the FBI during a congressional hearing, he receives a phone call from a conspiracy blogger who claims to have information linking the Ghost Killer’s family —the McNamaras — to some FBI brass. Unfortunately, the blogger ends up dead before Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) get a chance to connect the dots.

“Brennan thinks she’s done with the Ghost Killer, but in an indirect way, she’s not,” Deschanel tells “When you get a phone call from a mysterious person talking about a conspiracy and they end up dead, it’s very suspicious.” Adds executive producerStephen Nathan: “They uncover what appears to be a conspiracy that is far, far larger than the Ghost Killer. What we wanted to do, because we have been dealing with serial killers on a relatively regular basis on the show, was take this in another direction and make this rabbit hole that they’re falling down far more nefarious and conspiratorial than we have ever seen before.”

As Brennan investigates the blogger’s cause of death, Booth digs deeper into the McNamara-FBI connection. But for obvious reasons, Booth must keep his work quiet. “He certainly is suspicious about the FBI and other government agencies,” Deschanel says. “We start uncovering some pretty intense stuff. We have to keep it under wraps because we don’t know who to trust at the FBI — or anywhere really.”

And Booth’s investigation into his own agency will take an emotional toll on him. “Booth is a guy who is incredibly honest, incredibly just and uncompromising, and I don’t think he’ll ever change,” Nathan says. “But what we’re doing is putting him up against a situation which is the opposite.” Adds Deschanel: “Booth believes in his country and he believes in the FBI. He sees these as a few individuals who have abused their power. That doesn’t shake his confidence in the bureau or his government … but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to take those people down in whatever way possible. It becomes a hunt for these people, and Booth has to fight them.”

Indeed, that intense firefight becomes the centerpiece of what is arguably the biggest, most action-packed finale the show has ever done. And Boreanaz was not only dodging bullets but he was also the man calling the shots behind the camera. “It’s always a challenge to take on something like the season finale,” Boreanaz says. “With this specific finale, there was so much information that we had to gather up and put out there in one 45-minute hit, it made it difficult and challenging. Whether it was dealing with the big huge hearing with Congress or an intense battle between other forces that could come in and jeopardize Bones and Booth’s relationship… it definitely was draining. By the end of it, you’re pretty exhausted.”

And viewers may find themselves exhausted by the end as well. As these grim promos tease, Booth will be fighting for his life. “It all comes to a head, and it’s pretty detrimental,” Boreanaz says. “It puts them in a different place.” Adds Deschanel: “I wouldn’t categorize this as a happy ending. It changes everything. Booth always has faith that the good guy wins, but in this situation, it doesn’t look good.”

But Booth’s survival isn’t even the biggest question of the finale. In fact, it’s the season’s closing seconds that will have the most impact on what the show will look like in Season 10.

“Everything — Booth’s work, Booth’s relationship [with Brennan], and the direction of Booth and Brennan’s life — will be called into question at the end of this season,” Nathan says. “People will be changed by what has happened at the end of Season 9 and what will occur at the top of Season 10. The show as we all know it will continue; it will just continue in a different way.”

Bones’ Season 9 finale airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox.

Source – TV Guide

May 14, 2014
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Warning: The following story contains spoilers. If you wish to remain spoiler-free, do NOT read below this line!

Should we worry about Booth and Brennan’s marriage after the Bones finale (airing Monday)? –Maria
Um, maybe? “There’s a huge thing that happens at the end… that we’re not going to tell you about, but it changes everything — not only between Booth and Brennan, but also with Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job – I mean, everything,” Emily Deschanel warns. Adds scene partner David Boreanaz: “There is a lot of destructive forces that could come upon us, and we find out that there’s more to it than what meets the eye…. It puts [Booth and Brennan] in a different place, for sure.”

Source – TV Line

May 12, 2014
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Hey everybody! FOX has revealed the schedule for their 2014-15 TV season and with that, we have some new news for “Bones” fans. The network is moving the show (yet again. haha) to Thursday nights, where it will act as a lead-in to FOX’s new limited series “Gracepoint.” The Thursday timeslot may be familiar to some as it previously aired in that spot from the end of Season 4 all the way through mid-Season 7.

8 pm Bones
9 pm Gracepoint

To view the rest of FOX’s Fall schedule, you can check it out at Entertainment Weekly.

May 12, 2014
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It’s safe to say that after nine seasons, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have settled into a pretty solid working relationship for Fox’s “Bones.” That might be because, as Boreanaz says, “We have complete trust and respect for each other,” calling himself “blessed” to have a co-star “who is so generous and supportive.” Deschanel says she loves being directed by Boreanaz, who took the helm for the season finale.

“I think David is just really talented as a director, as well as an actor. He has a whole other career, if he wants it, when this thing’s over,” Deschanel says. “He’s great technically, he’s good with the actors, he’s decisive, he knows what he wants, he knows what he doesn’t want.”

The Boreanaz-directed finale airs on May 19, and Deschanel promises, “There’s a huge thing that happens at the end of this episode … that changes everything. For a while, with not only Booth and Brennan, between them, but also between everything, Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job — I mean, everything.” Expect some changes in the dynamics on the team, but Boreanaz assures us that, “Things will change for the good.”

In the meantime, though, tonight’s episode will introduce a new intern, played by Laura Spencer (“The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”), who viewers will see clashing a little bit with Bones’ practical style. “[Bones] does not care for the way she guesses about things and makes assumptions,” says Deschanel. The new intern is “kind of an intuitive person,” which is not the sort of decision-making that Bones generally approves of, but her hunches have a habit of turning out to be right. She may also see some sparks fly with Sweets.

For now, don’t expect either star to take a journey behind the camera in the direction of the writers’ room. “I’m pretty good with ideas, but I’d have to really work on that one because I think Emily can attest that my vocabulary’s a little limited,” Boreanaz laughs. “I get my words out but sometimes they don’t make sense.”

“I always understand what you mean, though, David,” reassures Deschanel. “As for me, I live with a television writer. I know how hard it is. You have to make up a whole story out of thin air, not to mention all the technical stuff. I would be much more inclined to direct before I would try to write an episode.”

Catch up with the duo and meet the new “squintern” tonight on Fox at 8.

Source – Metro

Apr 27, 2014
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Hey everybody! Emily Deschanel stopped by “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” this past Thursday (April 24), where Craig tests her on her knowledge of the human bones. Not only that, but she talks about her son and discusses “Bones.” You can check out the full 10-minute interview below, as well as 436 HD screen captures of Emily in our photo gallery. It is a great interview and definitely worth the watch. Emily is so fun and lovely, don’t ya think? Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2014 > Apr 24 – Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Apr 23, 2014
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Emily Deschanel stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night (April 22), where she revealed that she encountered a cockroach backstage and Jimmy explains how it got there. Emily later talks about her young son going to work with her, visiting her sister Zooey on the set of “New Girl”, being a vegan, and her show “Bones.” You can check out the 6-minute interview below, as well as 337 HD screen captures in our photo gallery. It’s a pretty funny interview and worth the watch. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2014 > Apr 22 – Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Apr 23, 2014
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The Bones finale is on the move!

In an 11th hour scheduling tweak, Fox has opted to end the show’s ninth season on Monday, May 19 vs. Monday, May 12.

Additionally, Bones’ penultimate Season 9 hour — originally scheduled to air Monday, April 28 — will now run on Monday, May 12. (A rerun will fill the void on April 28; the two-hour launch of 24: Live Another Day stays put on Monday, May 5.)

As a result, Season 5 of Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef will now bow a week later — on Monday, May 26.

Source – TV Line

Apr 22, 2014
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Hey everybody! Emily Deschanel will making 2 talk show appearances this week: “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and the “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” For dates, you can read below. Video clips and screen captures will be up soon after the appearances.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC
Tu 4/22: Don Rickles, Emily Deschanel, Beck

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, CBS
Th 4/24: Emily Deschanel, Zoe Lister-Jones

Mar 6, 2014
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With a Season 10 pickup firmly under Bones‘ belt, producers of the Fox procedural are moving forward with Plan A and ending Season 9 with a doozy of a cliffhanger.

“We’re ending the year in a very surprising way,” teases EP Stephen Nathan. “Two different stories converge and it throws Booth and Brennan’s work relationship into turmoil and causes big, big changes for our people.”

Per Nathan, one of those plots centers on “a promotion that seems to exist within the FBI and they have their eye on Booth to fill this position,” while the other storyline involves a certain invisible serial menace. “The Ghost Killer [arc] becomes far more complex and conspiratorial, and very well might lead back to the FBI.”

In the more immediate future — specifically, March 10 when Bones returns from its winter hiatus to reclaim its Monday-at-8/7c perch — Booth will be dealing with an unresolved CIA issue when Freddie Prinze Jr. reprises his role as super-spy Danny Beck.

“We wanted to do an episode where we really saw the friendship between Booth and Danny, and also touch on the things that kept them apart,” explains Nathan of the atypically “dark and action-filled” outing. “What kind of a friendship exists when one person’s life is all secrets? And Danny’s got a lot of secrets.”

The episode does have its lighter moments, courtesy of a B-story that finds Brennan buying a life insurance policy. “Her rates are far more than Booth’s, and she doesn’t understand why since both of them are essentially doing the same job,” Nathan previews. “She’s penalized for going into the field and Booth is not. It’s a way for us to explore the difference between their [professional] partnership and the marriage.”

Source – TV Line

Feb 10, 2014
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Fox’s Bones was just renewed for its 10th — and possibly final — season, and executive producer Hart Hanson already knows how he wants to wrap up the forensics drama. (He’s had a plan since Season 4, he says, though he admits, “I haven’t told anyone.”) Leading up to the finale, Hanson is ­conceptualizing a special episode that would find Brennan and Booth (Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz) looking back on and evaluating their work together. “It would take place in a spooky world where all the victims they got justice for show up, perhaps as ghosts,” Hanson says. “And a few bad [guys], too.”

Topping the list, says Hanson, would be the show’s first victim, missing ­Senate intern Cleo Eller; Lionel Little, the young coin collector from the first Christmas episode, who died in the 1950s; and Chelsea, the sick girl whose mother had AIDS and killed her in Season 2. “But,” says Hanson, “I don’t know what we’d do about the [Season 8] Neanderthal.”

Source – TV Guide

Feb 3, 2014
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Last week Fox renewed “Bones” for a 10th season, guaranteeing the quirky procedural starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz would live to see its 200th episode — and with no mention of No. 10 being its final go-round.

It’s an unlikely milestone for a show that has endured multiple moves around the schedule and speculation for the past few seasons about its probable end date.

“They always say every year that they expect it to be the last and then they look around and realize the ‘Bones’ audience is actually growing,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells The Post. “We don’t quite understand it either. A decade seems like an awfully long time. We will be prepared for a series-ender but we will plan on a season-ender.”

On the air since 2005, “Bones” is Fox’s third most-watched drama, averaging 9.1 million viewers behind newer entries “The Following” (11.2 million viewers) and “Sleepy Hollow, ” (11 million viewers).

And it’s hardly the only graying drama refusing to quietly retire. For all the buzz that younger, sexier series like “Scandal” and “The Blacklist” (rightly) generate, an older class of drama veterans is quietly drawing an equal audience after a decade on the air.

CBS’ long-running “NCIS” is the poster child for a drama only growing stronger with age — the Mark Harmon headliner still draws an average of 21.8 million viewers a week in its 11th season and is prepping a possible New Orleans-set spinoff (it already has “NCIS: LA”).

“Criminal Minds,” which will air its 200th episode on Feb. 5, is averaging an impressive 13 million viewers in its ninth season while the network’s oldest series, “CSI” (14 seasons), still draws 12 million viewers a week.

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey recently signed new two-year deals, increasing the likelihood that the ABC medical drama will reach a 12th season. And with good reason — though it’s no longer the network’s most-watched drama, at an average of 12.7 million viewers it’s just behind “Scandal” (13 million viewers) and “Castle” (12.9 million viewers — it’s getting up there itself at six seasons).

If there’s a secret to keeping a show alive for so many seasons, it seems to be create a family of characters that viewers want to have in their living room year after year, say producers.

“People have really connected with those characters,” says “Criminal Minds” showrunner/executive producer Erica Messer. “And then on top of that, I think that fans tune in every week because of the battle between good and evil — it’s almost that simple. Out of 200 episodes, about 195 of them we’ve stopped the bad guy and there’s been a satisfying end to that week’s journey.”

That ability to neatly tie up each episode with a bow plays into the reason that the longest-running dramas tend to be procedurals, with seemingly limitless cases to help drive stories in the absence of character-based drama.

“The construct that we get to hang all the great character stuff that they give us on a murder every week also gives us that longevity, because this is a procedural,” Nathan says.

“In this weird way it feels endless because the cases every week really are driven by human behavior and there’s a huge spectrum of what that is,” Messer adds. “So I do feel there’s a version of that where this show can just keep on going.”

And while buzz will certainly die down with age, there is a wisdom of experience that can come in handy for the grueling task of churning out 22 episodes season after season.

“One of the advantages about a show that goes for this long is that our crew . . . they work together very well,” says “Bones” creator/executive producer Hart Hanson. “We’re not constantly putting out production fires. The show looks and sounds more expensive than it is because of how good that crew is. It lets us tell more stories.”

Source – NY Post

Jan 31, 2014
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No one can accuse David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel of being anything but 100 percent game.

The longtime Bones co-stars — without any prompting from Fox — went way off script while shooting a recent scene and crafted a promo that not only touts this Sunday’s Super Bowl, but also the Bruno Mars-headlined halftime show, and the special post-Bowl installment of New Girl featuring Prince, and this Friday’s all-new Bones, and their underdog lead-out Enlisted.

They did the whole thing sans a script and in under 40 seconds.

The results are below.

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