Sep 21, 2013
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Throughout its nine seasons, Fox’s “Bones” has attracted legions of fans, who have been drawn not only to the crime-solving mysteries the show offers each week but also to the unlikely, hot-and-cold romance of the series’ two leads: Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, and Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel. As the show returns this week, fans are about to see their yearnings at last fulfilled as the crime-fighting partners appear to be headed for the altar.

Deschanel took a break from filming her big wedding day to speak to us about the show by phone from the set, what this union means to fans, growing up in a show-business family, and 20 years of not eating animals.

1. The Internet is buzzing about the fact that your real-life husband is playing the priest who marries you in your onscreen wedding. Lots of people are worried for him.

Oh really? I just like the inside joke of it all. He’s playing the priest and he’s marrying us. On the show he writes on, “Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” he also plays a priest, defrocked. So it’s fun to have him here; he’s done a great job so far. But you’d have to ask him if it bothers him. There’s lots of funny dialogue to make him feel uncomfortable.

2. Why does Bones’s relationship with Booth mean so much to people?

So many people tell me, “Your character reminds me so much of my wife.” I think that people can relate. My character is fairly unique in the world of television. You haven’t seen many female characters like this — the kind of socially awkward, brilliant at science, but not very modest. Lacking in tact sometimes, if you’re putting a negative spin on the character. I think people know people like this, and they love seeing her get into funny situations with Booth and seeing these two kind of opposite characters grow. People want to believe that love conquers all and that differences can be worked out, and I do believe that, too.

3. But in the middle of all the love scenes, do you ever want to scream, “There’s a murderer on the loose!” Does their relationship stand in the way of their crime fighting? Are they being irresponsible?

I don’t think we’re being irresponsible. It’s nature that you’re going to have relationships in your life, and sometimes it’s with the people you work with. But whether it’s romantic or unromantic, there’s dynamics, and that can play a part in your conversations, in how you approach things. We’re very professional at the Jeffersonian Branch of the FBI, and nothing’s gotten in the way of [solving] a crime so far.

4. You give us your word that no killer has gotten away because of their romance?

I give you my word. No murderers are getting away with anything because of our relationship. If anything, it helps. Because we talk to each other even more; we go home and talk about the cases. Even when we try not to.

5. Could you ever be in that close of a business relationship with your own husband?

That’s a good question. I don’t know. I think it’s wonderful to have a relationship where you both go out and live your lives and you bring something to the table, because you’ve had other interactions. Being apart from each other is healthy for a relationship, but I don’t know. I’ve never worked with somebody who I’ve been involved with.

6. Does having grown up in L.A. change how you see entertainment compared to your peers?

For me, I just come in and do my job. I’m not into any glitz or glamour or anything like that. Sure, I like to get dressed up; I’m excited to get dressed up for the Emmys — that’s fun to me. But I never have any delusions about what Hollywood is or was. I never thought it was glamorous other than the little tiny bits that it is in real life. I knew that there’s hard work involved. I’m not saying I have the hardest job in the world, but there’s lot’s of parts of the job that aren’t fancy, and you shouldn’t be enamored by that too much, because it’s all surface.

7. Does your background make you less tolerant of divas on the set or more understanding of them?

I think a little bit of both. I think sometimes people come from certain situations, and they expect certain things in any situation, I try to put myself in somebody’s shoes and have their perspective. Let’s just say, I don’t enjoy it, the diva aspects. But there’s no divas on our show, and I haven’t had to work with many divas. I guess I’ve encountered people who have a certain entitled attitude, and you just deal with it, but my first instinct is to be intolerant of it.

8. Do you want to live somewhere else someday?

Yeah, I go back and forth about that. I feel conflicted. My whole family is in Los Angeles; I grew up in Los Angeles. I know it well. There’s lots I love about Los Angeles. But I fantasize about getting away somewhere, to a country farm where lots of animals are free to roam. That would be wonderful. But I don’t know if that will ever be a reality for me.

9. How’d you become a vegan?

I became a vegan at Crossroads [high school], actually. It was called Diet for a New America, and it started a whole debate about whether it was ethical to eat meat or not. Which engaged me, and I felt the arguments for not eating meat were much stronger than the arguments for eating meat, when I saw the reality of how our food gets to our plates. Not only the cruelty to the animals but also the detriment to the environment and also our health. It was kind of a win-win-win situation when I decided to become vegetarian after that. I wanted to become vegan, but I did that slowly. I became vegetarian for two years, then became vegan. I do think it’s the most humane and environmentally sound way to live, as long as you are good about your nutrition, because like any diet you have to be careful.

10. Do you get grossed out when people eat meat around you?

You know, there’s a certain amount of grossness, I guess, to me, but I’ve lived for 20 years with people eating meat next to me, and I have to be understanding of where they are and their choices if I want them to understand my choices. So I try to be tolerant and understanding. Yeah, it grosses me out on a certain level, but I have become used to that, I guess you could say.

11. How do you square animal suffering with human suffering?

Is animal suffering as important as human suffering? I don’t know. It’s hard for me to say. I don’t believe that animals are ours to use or to harm. They feel pain. There are people who might not be as intelligent, but they feel pain. And I don’t think we should feel OK or ethically sound hurting them, just as I don’t think it’s ethically sound to hurt an animal, when it’s perfectly healthy and doable to survive on non-animal sources of food. I don’t know. If there’s a hierarchy, humans I might value more than animals on some level, but to me, that doesn’t give me a right to hurt an animal. There’s a real gray area. If you say you need to kill these 10 rats to cure cancer and save all these people, that’s wonderful. But that said, a lot of times it’s not about saving people’s lives or curing cancer. There’s lots of people experimenting on animals for cosmetics that I don’t think any of us would agree are ethically sound or justified.

12. You are presenting at the Emmys. Are you resentful that police dramas are never acknowledged?

I don’t know. You can go down that path, but I think it’s a dangerous path to go down. So many people and shows are not recognized that are fantastic shows. And a lot of times I just love the shows and actors who are nominated and win Emmys. I can’t really argue that. I’ve never gone in this business for awards. I wouldn’t expect that for myself or the show. For the genre, I know how the genre is. People consider it entertainment rather than an art form, which I’m totally fine with because it is entertainment. It’s a dangerous road to go down. We have been nominated for production design and visual effects, so the “Bones” show has been acknowledged by them. The real reward is to play this character for nine seasons and maybe beyond. That’s the most amazing reward, to have this job.

“Bones” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Source – Yahoo

Sep 13, 2013
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Pelant may be on his way out, but that doesn’t mean Bones‘ Booth and Brennan can kick back and focus on wedding seating charts and signature cocktails.

It’s no secret that the pair will take down their nemesis during Season 9 (which premieres Sept. 16 at 8/7c), but the end of his reign of terror will only bring on more troubles for the crime-solving duo.

“Pelant is part of uncovering our next Big Bad,” executive producer Hart Hanson revealed during a recent conference call.

The new foe “looms over our people in a way we have yet to see on Bones,” added fellow EP Stephen Nathan. “It’s someone who is far more ephemeral than any of our other bad guys.”

But first, Brennan and Booth must deal with that pesky cyber hacktavist. “Pelant will definitely figure into their lives quite heavily in the first few episodes,” shared Nathan. “It’ll be a far more intense episode. It’ll be them confronting him in a way we haven’t seen before.”

And the resolution will come “fairly quickly,” since the couple will tie the knot early in the season. “They can’t really get married until the issue of Pelant has been dealt with one way or another,” pointed out Hanson.

Read on for more scoop about the new season:

WEDDED BLISS | Hanson said he intends to give fans “a wedding in the way they don’t expect it.” One of the guests at the affair will be Booth’s ex-priest, Aldo (played by Mather Zickel), who will be back throughout the season. As for after the nuptials, Booth and Brennan’s union won’t change them, but it will challenge them. “We wanted them to get married and then put them in the most extreme situations we possibly could for the remainder of the year to test that relationship,” said Nathan.

GOING ABROAD | The newly married couple will honeymoon in Buenos Aires, where they discover “that the entire country of Argentina is madly in love with Brennan’s books, and it takes a turn that even Brennan didn’t see coming,” previewed Nathan.

BROKEN FRIENDSHIP | The bad feelings between Booth and Angela, who takes Brennan’s side during the couple’s woes, will linger for a while. “They both love Brennan, and [you] don’t step between sisters, which Booth has done,” explained Hanson. “That’s going to take a while to play out, because hurtful things were said, and they don’t fix themselves overnight.”

BURNING QUESTIONS | The EPs wouldn’t say when the mystery behind the cryptic “447” number will be answered, but they did reveal that viewers soon will learn what Brennan wrote when she was buried alive with Hodgins in Season 2, as well as Angela’s real name!

GROSS-OUT | “One episode coming up has something that seems to be one of the most revolting things – and I say that with great delight – that we’ve ever had on Bones, and it has nothing do to with a dead body,” teased Nathan.

Source – TV Line

Sep 11, 2013
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Warning: The article below may contain spoilers. If you wish to remain spoiler-free, do not read below this line!

Emily Deschanel is keeping it in the family!

Though fans have been waiting to hear if the Bones star’s real-life sister Zooey Deschanel will be reprising her role as Emily’s character’s cousin for the big wedding episode, E! News can confirm that is not happening.

Zooey is too busy shooting that little show of hers called New Girl. And despite rumors that Emily might play Zooey’s character’s sister on New Girl, that’s not in the cards either, according to sources.

Still, we just discovered another very cool family twist!

E! News can exclusively report that a family member is guest starring on the wedding episode of Bones: Emily’s real life husband, actor/writer David Hornsby (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)! Word is, he’s playing a priest who may or may not be the one officiating the actual ceremony between Bones (Emily) and Booth (David Boreanaz). The episode is shooting this week. Here’s hoping the priest doesn’t break up the wedding!

Boreanaz hinted at this very real-life twist at the Fox Eco Casino Party in Santa Monica on Monday night, telling me: “It’s exciting because we have some great guests. Some surprise guests. We don’t actually know who may be marrying the two of us. That could be the biggest question out there and you have to really think hard about this one. I’ll give you one hint. The person who is going to marry us is close to one of the cast members.”

Mystery solved!

As for what else lies ahead for season nine, David teases: “Cyndi Lauper is going to come and sing at the wedding. And Freddie Prinze is coming on. We did a great undercover episode we’re really excited about. And this whole Pelant serial killer thing…We get rid of one serial killer and we might be bringing in another one. I think we got rid of him. I’m not sure!”

You excited for the Bones and Booth wedding, Bones fans?

Source – E! News

Sep 10, 2013
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Bones stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel will say “I do” on the upcoming ninth season, and that upcoming onscreen happiness looks to have translated off-screen.

In this exclusive first look at Fox’s Image Campaign for the new fall season, Deschanel can be seen sitting on her longtime co-star’s lap as they pose for photos. However, the Bones duo aren’t the ones showing off their pearly whites for the camera. The stars from returning shows such as New Girl and The Mindy Project, as well as new shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Almost Human, also put their best foot, or should we say face, forward for the photo shoot.

Returning fall shows: Where we left off with Bones and more

Want to see Raising Hope’s Cloris Leachman bust a move? And find out which star is bringing planking back? Watch the video below:

Source – TV Guide

Sep 9, 2013
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Last month, Bones creator Hart Hanson promised that Booth and Brennan’s Season 9 nuptials “will happen in a way you don’t expect and [at] a time you don’t expect.”

He wasn’t kidding about the second half of that statement.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the venerable Fox drama will defy TV convention and not make fans wait until the end of the season to see Booth and Brennan get hitched. No, the ceremony will take place sooner rather than later. Much sooner.

As in: It’s shooting this week.

Bones insiders confirm that wedding episode is currently in production and is slated to air later this fall. And all indications are that it will be an affair to remember.

“We’ve been waiting over eight years for this, and we really want to deliver the wedding that everybody hopes for,” exec producer Stephen Nathan recently told TVLine. “It’s our intention that when [viewers] get an invitation, it’s well worth wearing a clean suit and buying a nice gift.”

Source – TV Line

Sep 5, 2013
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TV’s biggest night is putting the spotlight on a sister act.

Real-life siblings Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel will present together at the 65th annual Emmy Awards, which airs Sept. 22 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on CBS.

Other tag-team presenters on tap for the annual kudosfest are Kerry Washington — a first-time Emmy nominee this year for Scandal — and Diahann Carroll, Mom co-stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris (synergy!), and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (who in addition to being nominated for their respective roles on 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, are up for an award for their stellar co-hosting turn at the Golden Globe awards.)

Source – TV Line

Sep 5, 2013
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PREVIOUSLY ON… | Booth hastily (and awkwardly) called off his engagement to Brennan after Pelant threatened to kill a handful of innocents if he failed to do so, leaving his would-be bride heartbroken. Elsewhere, Sweets felt responsible for the unintentional role he played in Pelant’s latest killing spree.

COMING UP NEXT | The action jumps ahead several months, where Booth and Brennan’s relationship is on the verge of buckling under the strain of The Lie. “The first episode will clearly revolve around how Brennan and Booth deal with the fact that the wedding was called off,” shares exec producer Stephen Nathan, who confirms that the star-crossed lovers will eventually mend fences and (hallelujah!) tie the knot during Season 9. And have no fear — this won’t be some rinky-dink, half-assed affair. “We’ve been waiting over eight years for this and we really want to deliver the wedding that everybody hopes for,” assures Nathan. “It’s our intention that when [viewers] get an invitation, it’s well worth wearing a clean suit and buying a nice gift.” Elsewhere, Sweets takes a guilt trip to the inner city to explore a new job opportunity, and Hodgins is reunited with a surprising family member.

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Something happens in Episode 2 that rocks Cam’s world — and subsequently impacts her burgeoning romance with Arastoo. “It’s not a disease or anything like that,” Nathan notes. “But it’s something she will have to contend with for [the rest of] this season.”

RETURN DATE | Monday, Sept. 16 at 8/7c (Fox)

Source – TV Line

Aug 8, 2013
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“Bones” returns to Fox for its ninth season this fall, and star Emily Deschanel reflected on the big TV milestone.

“I never even comprehended that nine was a possibility in any realm whatsoever,” Emily, who plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on the show, told Access Hollywood at Fox’s TCA bash in Los Angeles last week.

When Emily’s show premiered back in 2005, she said she couldn’t have imagined that it would have such a lengthy lifespan, outlasting several other shows on the network.

“When I started the show, I thought, ‘This show could go for three years!’ but that was the longest I could possibly conceive of and then, as the show went on, it’s just like — it just keeps going and it blows your mind that it just continues,” she added. “But now, we’re longer than ‘House’ and longer than ’24,’ which were hugely successful shows on Fox. I just feel so blessed that we are continuing and in our ninth season, so we’ll see how far we go.”

The Season 9 premiere of “Bones” kicks off at 8/7c on Monday, September 16 and Emily’s Brennan character, and David Boreanaz’s Special Agent Seeley Booth have hit a very rocky romantic road.

“When we come back this season, we’re not in a good place,” she said.

Especially thanks to the serial killer – Pelant – blackmailing Booth into not accepting Brennan’s proposal.

“There’s that serial killer stopping us from getting married and Booth has rejected Brennan’s proposal and she doesn’t know why and so they’re really unhappy at the beginning of the season,” she said. “We just filmed the first episode back, so it’s unusual to see these characters in that way. Especially Brennan — I don’t understand why our relationship’s not working, it’s just sad.”

Brennan doesn’t know that Booth is being blackmailed and Emily said it will be interesting to see if Brennan can follow her heart instead of her head.

“There’ s a secret and he has a perfectly good reason [not to marry her], but we’ll see if Brennan is able to kind of have faith in something and she’s such a person who goes for empirical data, who goes for patterns and sequences, and we’ll see if she’s able to have faith, without having proof,” Emily said. “And it may require her… to have faith for them to be OK and we’ll see if that’s possible.”

Source – Access Hollywood

Aug 2, 2013
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A blast from the past could play a role in saving Booth and Brennan’s future when Bones Season 9 gets underway.

In the second episode of the Fox fave’s new season (which opens Monday, Sept. 16), B&B go undercover at a couples retreat — but as “Tony and Roxy,” the personae they first created in Season 2′s “The Woman in the Sand.”

And one way or another, things are gonna get hot for the duo.

As Tony and Roxy, “We get to do sweat lodges, which I have personal experience with,” Emily Deschanel reports. (“I went to Crossroads School, and that was part of the curriculum!” she explains with a laugh.)

Alas, before any sweating commences, things are still chilly for Brennan and Booth in the wake of him bailing on their brand-new engagement, at Pelant’s bidding.

“There’s some tension there still,” Deschanel previews. “But as I’ve been saying, we start out in a bad place this season and it’s a slow journey to getting back together. [Entering Episode 2] we’re in a place that’s not great, but it’s better than where we started — so at least there’s hope there.”

Maybe Booth can restore their romance wholesale with one grand, romantic gesture? “Yeah…. Yeah…,” Deschanel agrees with a grin. “And that’s all I’m going to say!”

Source – TV Line

Jul 29, 2013
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This is another interview from the 2013 Comic-Con “Bones” panel. This is the first time I’m seeing the interview and even though the panel was days and days ago, I figured I’d go ahead and post for others who haven’t seen it. Enjoy!

It took Temperance Brennan a long time to get there.

For a duration of Bones, this character was opposed to marriage, relying more on her head than her heart and refusing to commit to such a step with Booth.

But something changes on Bones Season 8, just in time for Brennan to have her heart broken. In this exclusive interview with Emily Deschanel from Comic-Con, we ask the actress about Brennan’s decision and get an update on her mental state heading into Season 9.

Jul 29, 2013
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Actress Emily Deschanel recently dished about how much she loves being vegan and speaking up for animals. The “Bones” star has called for people to ditch dairy for its cruelty, and said she always pushes for “Bones” to shine a light on animal and environmental topics.

Deschanel is now calling for support of a fundraising campaign for a vegan shoe line. Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes recently launched the campaign on, aiming to raise funds for their new line of “affordable, wearable yet stylish” cruelty-free shoes. “Are you a woman who like shoes? Help out this great (cruelty free vegan) company and get shoes in return!” Deschanel tweeted yesterday. Yup, there are some pretty cool perks when you donate to the Kickstarter – ranging from a shoutout on the Beyond Skin Facebook page all the way up to a chance to design your very own pair of vegan shoes which you’ll own in five different colors (and you get to order more!).

Beyond Skin writes, “We are a 10 year old, self-funded, indie, UK vegan footwear label dedicated to designing cruelty-free, luxury shoes for stylish, discerning ladies. We have created this Kickstarter project as we hope to be able to put into production an exciting new diffusion line of comfy, wearable yet stylish ladies vegan shoes to sit alongside our current luxury ’boutique’ collection. This exciting new range will launch with 10 styles, which have been designed for everyday wear at a more affordable price-point without sacrificing our signature, vintage inspired aesthetic and will with your help be exclusively available at our online store”

Currently, the company launches one collection each season, available in small, independently-owned boutiques as well as the Beyond Skin website. “We are now at a crucial point within our business that in order for us to move forward and flourish, we need to reach a much wider audience and cast our vegan net further afield,” they add.

Ten different pairs, already designed, will be included in the new line that Beyond Skin says is crafted with “high-quality Italian leather alternatives.”

Check out Beyond Skin’s fundraising campaign video below!

Source – Ecorazzi

Jul 24, 2013
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Warning: The post below contains spoilers! If you wish to remain spoiler free, do NOT read below this line.

I’m so excited for a Bones wedding! Got any other scoop about the new season? — Melanie
ADAM: When the new season begins, Brennan is still noticeably devastated that Booth, under the duress of Pelant, called off the engagement. “Booth is not someone who sits well with unhappiness,” creator Hart Hanson says. “He wants to fix things and that’s what he’s trying to do. His desire [is] to kill Pelant.” So will he? “He’s not usually like that; he’s not a killer. But… Caroline and Sweets are very concerned,” he teases.

Source – TV Guide

Question: So, the Bones crew made a really big announcement at their Comic-Con panel: Booth and Brennan are getting married! Do you have any idea when the wedding will be taking place during Season 9? —Maria
Ausiello: I tried mightily to get an answer out of Hanson, but he wouldn’t budge. “I’m not telling you when,” he protested, before adding with a laugh, “That’s my one shred of self dignity.” I did succeed in getting HH to cough up an extremely vague detail about the type of wedding they will have, as well as an update on the possibility of a 10th season. Oh, and the show’s dreaded move to Friday night? Not necessarily happening! Press PLAY below for the complete Q&A.

Source – TV Line

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